5-star review by

Janice Gilmore

August 6, 2015

“Great Book for Children”

I love Barbara Freeman's book Super Smart Sugar. It definitely in a very subtle way attacks stereotypes by showing the kind and loving side of a pit bull. Pit Bulls are often seen in a very bad light, but Sugar is seen in a fun and delightful light. This shows that dogs react to the love and positive attention that are shown at home. She engages children to take a look at their dogs in a different way and actually interact with them more. Barbara has a very kind way of engaging children. It is a good read for them and keeps their interest.

5-star review by

Kelsie Smith

“Add Fun to Reading Time”

This book by Barbara Freeman is one of a kind. I read this book with kids. I watched and they got to pick out smart qualities that their puppy has. This really teaches kids to recognize those great characteristics in not only animals but in themselves and their peers. I would recommend this to any family looking to add some fun into reading time!

5-star review by

Knolan Tyrell Hudson

“Best Book Ever”

Love this book; I believe that this book is appropriate for all ages. I’ve learned so much about my dog and about pit bulls!

5-star review by

Ashley Sims

“What an Awesome Read”

What an awesome read!!! I was able to read this book with my daughters as well as our new puppy. We found it intriguing, as we were able to identify many of the "Smart" characteristics in our own dog.